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I am not able to login. What can I do?

Check the confirmation email sent to you from this site to verify your login information. Please ensure that you are logging in using the same login information you entered when your registered. Contact your administrator if you still have issues.

Also check your system requirements. JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in your browser.

System Requirements

In order to be able to use this web site effectively, you must have a computer with the followings:

  • Internet access using one of the browsers listed in the table below.
  • Flash 9.0.28 or higher is required for viewing the video content. Apple devices are also supported using HTML5 v.
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Below is a list of recommended systems and supported browsers:

Operating System Supported Browsers For Video Content
Microsoft Windows: XP, Vista , 7 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Apple Safari 4.0+, Google Chrome 3.0+ Adobe Flash 9.0.28+
Apple Macintosh: OS X, Power PC Apple Safari 4.0+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ Adobe Flash 9.0.28+
Linux 2.6+ kernel Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ Adobe Flash 9.0.28+

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